Started off by making a CAD drawing.  In this case the client's parents were big fans of Herons, Walter Anderson and needed a firescreen.   So after the dimensions were determined a frame was designed, then an image was lifted from the web.  Originally there was only one heron, so I made a mirror image of it so it would fit the dimensions. 



Then the image was printed on several pages in actual size, the border was trimmed off, and it was meticulously taped to the corresponding pages, kind of like a jigsaw puzzle.   Next the assembled sheet of paper was taped to sheet metal.  Once it was taped, the paper was carved out with an X-acto knife, and traced with a permanent pen. 




Once the Paper was cut out and the lines traced, primer was dusted over the  stencil to add contrast.  Here is a picture once the stencil has been removed.


And here is the stencil.


 Here is the sheet metal with the image cut out, next step is grinding the backside that you can't see here.


Here is a shot of the components of the frame, they were cut, then forged to shape.  All that remains for them is to be drilled and cleaned up, then they are ready for assembly.









And here it is  assembled and ready to be painted.


And here is the final product.